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NETGEAR Insight 6.0

Full network view with NETGEAR Insight Topology

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Deploy. Monitor. Manage. At your fingertips.

Your Network. Anytime. Anywhere.

Embrace Cloud Networking

NETGEAR Insight 6.0

Full network view with NETGEAR Insight Topology

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Tired of being notified after an outage has already impacted your business?

Your car notifies you when it needs attention. Your small business network should proactively notify you too.

Spending too much time managing your network devices?

Your office should be for conducting business, not for practicing your IT skills…

Sick of the increasing costs of keeping your network up and running?

The cost of monitoring, visiting, and troubleshooting remote office networks can add up quickly…


  • Time-saving
    • Automated Device Discovery
    • Fast & Easy Device Configuration
    • One-touch installation
  • Peace of mind
    • Check Wi-Fi Activity
    • Receive downtime notifications & act rapidly
    • Reboot devices & upgrade firmware
  • Anywhere visibility
    • Multiple sites & devices from a single pane of glass
    • Remote monitoring
    • Device list with instant status view
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Using either the NETGEAR Insight app or the Insight Cloud Portal, you can quickly discover, setup, monitor and manage your Insight Managed Switches, Wireless Access Points, VPN Router as well as your Business-class ReadyNAS storage devices, from anywhere!

Whether at home, out of the office, on a business trip, or even at the beach, you can still manage your network as if you were right there, all from the palm of your hand. You are in control of your network and can enjoy the peace of mind you never experienced before when dealing with IT.


  • Close Plus Switches
    Insight Managed Switches
    • Remote setup, monitoring & management
    • Advanced L2/L2+/Lite L3 features
    • PoE/PoE+ and 10G SFP+ ports
    • Industry-leading 5-year warranty
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  • Close Plus Wireless Access Points
    Insight Managed Wireless
    • Remote management & monitoring
    • High-speed, density & coverage
    • Multi-user optimization
    • Rapid Installation
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  • Close Plus VPN Router
    Insight Instant VPN Router
    • One-step Instant VPN access
    • Remote monitoring & management
    • Integrated Firewall for protection
    • Industry-leading 5-year warranty
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  • Close Plus Network Storage
    Insight Managed Network Storage
    • Remote management & monitoring
    • Optimal reliability and security
    • High performance and fast file transfers
    • Backup and disaster recovery
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Full IT Admin capabilities on Insight devices, for the price of a cup of coffee per device/year. Learn More

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I really love being able to manage and monitor my switch, access point, and ReadyNAS all on my phone. Managing firmware updates is a breeze Android Market Review
For the SMB/ROBO market, the NETGEAR Insight solution is a fantastic alternative to the old method of standalone hardware all managed locally and individually. Storage Review
As a network engineer by trade, I've become spoiled to the luxury of controller-managed WAPs across the enterprise. Now I get to experience the same luxury at home. It's simple, it's fast, and I love it! StorageReview.com Lyle Smith
This device can be set up simply or if you have networking experience, you can set it up with many more controls. Insight User
I highly recommend this switch, this cloud based software makes remote management very easy to use. I love the alert to let me know when my wifi connection is down. Insight User
I'm not an IT person at all. My wifi went out and I couldn't figure it out. I bought [an Insight Access point] and it practically installed itself. No problems. I feel smart now! Insight User

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